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6 Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting

Posted on February 25th, 2015

If you’ve been wondering about cloud-based accounting, you’ve come to the right place. Cloud – or remote – accounting uses software that’s stored and accessed through the Internet. Many small business owners in San Antonio are making the shift to cloud accounting because it offers several advantages.

6 Benefits to Cloud-based Accounting Services

Money saving – With all of your paperwork digital, you will be able to save money on printing supplies as well as postage. It will also be much easier to manage your cash flow. In addition, because cloud-based systems are extremely efficient, you will save hours of needless filing and organizing.

Time saving – With cloud accounting, the time it takes to get everything done will be shortened significantly. The issues and problems that used to take a couple of weeks to be addressed can now be taken care of in just a couple of days. No running across town to drop off documents. Scan and upload your paperwork through a secure channel for remote accessibility by your CPA.

Better organization – You no longer have to worry about tracking down receipts and finding documents when everything’s digital and is accessed with just the click of a mouse. It is always best to save a hard copy of important documents, but having everything organized on the internet, you will have access to them anywhere you go.

Information in real time – You should know the financial situation of your San Antonio business at all times. A cloud-based system gives you access to your data and ability to create reports. Make decisions about your business based on facts and have the documents to back it up, no matter where you are at as long as you have access to the Internet.

Easier collaboration – Cloud accounting allows you to collaborate with your accountant quickly and easily through the Internet. You will both be able to see all necessary documents immediately. View corrections made by your CPA and get clarification simultaneously.

Fraud reduction – Cloud-based systems are better at preventing fraud than manual systems. You’ll be able to determine who has control of bank accounts and see a record of what transactions were made and when. You can limit accessibility within the office or set up tracking methods to see who signed in and when.

MFCPA, LLC has extensive experience using cloud-based accounting with clients. Contact Marco Flores to find out how your business systems can make the change.  Cloud-based accounting will allow you to better run and organize your business’ financials.

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